Happy Birthday Let's Encrypt!

One year in production and over 30 million active certificates

Veikko Väätäjä

Let's Encrypt has been in production now for one year. Happy Birthday, Let's Encrypt!

What is Let's Encrypt

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Let's Encrypt is a free, automated and open certificate authority. The aim is to make web a safe place by securing all the web traffic. In one year Let's Encrypt has issued over 30 million active certificates. According to the Firefox statistics over 54% of the all browser traffic is done over secured connection.

Let's Encrypt is open and cooperative. This means that the open protocol can be used freely and the aim is to have a network of certificate authorities that use the same principles.

LE provides domain level authentication. This secures that the user is communicating with the right domain and the communication is secure. This is suitable for websites when you know the owner of the web site.

If you don't know the owner and need more validation of the site owner, then you need extended validation certificates. Let's Encrypt does not provide extended validation. For this purpose you can use commercial certificate authories.

Why Unkkuri uses Let's Encrypt

"Unkkuri has used Let's Encrypt cerfiticates now for more than 7 months. The issuing of certificates is easy to automate, they can be renewed automatically and they are free. Let's Encrypt enables Unkkuri to provide a certificate to all our clients for free.", explains Veikko Väätäjä, the lead architect at Unkkuri for client solutions.

The certificates help us secure the web.

Happy Birthday Let's Encrypt!